• To have the permission Manage access matrix.


Besides the classical management of right accesses by users/groups, these can be handled in Lena through an access matrix. The idea is to group folders in categories and manage the rights in a double entry table with:

  • in rows, users or group of users
  • in columns, folder categories

And then define at every intersection (row/column) the access right of the user/group for this category of folders. There are a number of benefits in doing so:

  • all the access rights for the selected users/groups and categories can be managed in one place
  • it is easier to not forget any user/category access right definition
  • a large number of users/groups and folders access rights can be checked in a single view

Assign categories to folders

Place your pointer on a folder, right click → Manage access.

In the section Who can access, choose Assign a folder category:

Start typing a category name. If the category already exists, the auto-completion will suggest the corresponding results (Enter to validate), otherwise a new category will be created:

The new category is then added, do not forget to press Save to apply your modifications.

Access Matrix

To manage the access rights by category, click on the Lena icon in the taskbar then on the Manage icon:

Then click on the Access matrix icon on the left-hand side :

You can then start to add users/groups and categories to configure the access matrix. Say we want to forbid the access to folders categorized as Confidentiel to the users of the group Commercial.

Let's start by adding the group Commercial on a line (Enter to validate the auto-completion):

Then add the category Confidentiel on a column (Enter to validate the auto-completion):

And then configure the corresponding access right at the intersection of the line and the column:

Do not forget to save the modifications.


Remove in the access rights list removes an already-defined access right.