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-FIXME **This page is not fully translated, yet. Please help completing the translation.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)//+====== Prerequisites ======
-====== Prerequistes ====== +  ​To have the permission ''​Manage access matrix''​.
- +
-  ​Have the permission ​to ''​Manage access matrix''​.+
 ====== Introduction ====== ====== Introduction ======
-Beside ​the classical ​ ​access rights ​management ​sorted ​by users or groups ​of users, Lena offers you the opportunity to use a access matrix. The idea is for you to regroup ​folders ​by categories and to use a double ​entrance ​table with: +Besides ​the classical management ​of right accesses ​by users/groups, ​these can be handled in Lena through an access matrix. The idea is to group folders ​in categories and manage the rights in a double ​entry table with: 
-  * in lines, users or group of users+  * in rows, users or group of users
   * in columns, folder categories   * in columns, folder categories
-You can then define at every intersection (line/column) the user/​group ​of users access rights ​for this category of folders. +And then define at every intersection (row/​column) ​the access right of the user/group for this category of folders. ​There are a number of benefits in doing so
-Advantages associated with this function ​are quite few+  * all the access rights ​for the selected users/​groups and categories can be managed ​in one place 
-  * You can manage ​access rights in one go for certain users for certain type of documents +  * it is easier to not forget ​any user/​category ​access right definition 
-  * Don'​t ​forget ​to define rights for certain "​couples"​ (usersfolder ​category) +  * a large number ​of users/​groups ​and folders ​access rights can be checked in a single view
-  * Have an overview ​of the access rights concerning multiple ​users and folders ​all at once.+
-====== ​Affectation de catégories aux dossiers ​====== ​Assignment of categories to folders ​+====== ​Assign categories to folders ​======
-Place your pointer on the given folder, right click and select ​''​Manage access ​matrix''​.+Place your pointer on folder, right click -> ''​Manage access''​.
 {{ ctx_menu_manage_access.png?​500 }} {{ ctx_menu_manage_access.png?​500 }}
-In the section ''​Who can access'', ​chose ''​Assign a folder category''​ :+\\  
 +In the section ''​Who can access'', ​choose ​''​Assign a folder category'':​
 {{ assign_category.png?​700 }} {{ assign_category.png?​700 }}
-Start typing a category name. If the wanted ​category already exists, the auto-completion will give you the corresponding results (Enter to validate), otherwise a new category will be created: ​+Start typing a category name. If the category already exists, the auto-completion will suggest ​the corresponding results (Enter to validate), otherwise a new category will be created: ​
 {{ add_category_autocomplete.png }} {{ add_category_autocomplete.png }}
-The new category is then added, do not forget to press ''​Save'' ​in order to apply your modifications.+\\ 
 +The new category is then added, do not forget to press ''​Save''​ to apply your modifications.
 {{ categories_changed.png?​700 }} {{ categories_changed.png?​700 }}
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 ====== Access Matrix ====== ====== Access Matrix ======
-To manage the access rights by category, click on the task bar icon and then on the ''​Manage''​ icon: +To manage the access rights by category, click on the Lena icon in the taskbar ​then on the ''​Manage''​ icon: 
 {{ manage.gif }} {{ manage.gif }}
-Then click on the ''​Access matrix''​ icon on the menu situated ​on the left.+Then click on the ''​Access matrix''​ icon on the left-hand side (1): 
 +{{ access_matrix.png }} 
 +You can then start to add users/​groups and categories to configure the access matrix. Say we want to forbid the access to folders categorized as ''​Confidentiel''​ to the users of the group ''​Commercial''​. 
 +Let's start by adding the group ''​Commercial'' ​on a line (Enter to validate ​the auto-completion):​ 
 +{{ access_matrix_add_group.png }} 
 +Then add the category ''​Confidentiel''​ on a column (Enter to validate the auto-completion):​ 
 +{{ access_matrix_add_category.png }} 
 +And then configure the corresponding access right at the intersection of the line and the column:
 +{{ access_matrix_set_access_right.png }}
 +Do not forget to save the modifications.
 +<callout type="​info"​ title="​Info"​ icon="​true">​
 +''​Remove''​ in the access rights list removes an already-defined access right.