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  • Have the permission Full administrative privileges

Activity reports management

Lena offers you the opportunity to send via email security reports specifying all the actions carried out on the drive. The information found on those reports contains :

  • number of sharing links created ;
  • number of users/groups created/deleted ;
  • number of access rights modified ;
  • a personal activity report for every user (number of files created/modified/deleted).

To parameter mailing, start by clicking on the icon appearing on your task bar and then click on Manage :

Puis cliquer sur l'icône Account settings dans le menu de gauche ① :

You will then be able to :

  • ② Delete an existing recipient or modify the reports sending frequency associated to a specific user.
  • ③ Add a new recipient (by seizing his/her email address).
  • ④ Modify the hour at which the reports are sent.

As usual, do not forget to change the applied changes by clicking on Save settings ⑤.