• A Lena account


If your company uses Active Directory authentication, you will be automatically logged in once the installation completed or when you open your Windows session. In such cases, what follows does not apply to you.


Once Lena is installed, an icon appears in your taskbar:


You can ensure that the Lena icon remains visible in your taskbar. To do so click on the arrow to show hidden icons and then slide/drop (by holding the left button of your mouse) the Lena icon on the taskbar.

If you are logged out, press the Lena icon in your taskbar to log in.

Enter the credentials you have created on our website or those that were sent to you by your administrator and then click on the “Log in” button.

Once the authentication succeeds, the icon in the taskbar should look like this:

The Lena drives you have access to are now visible in “This PC”:


If for any reason you need to logout, simply click on the Lena icon in your taskbar and then click on the button.