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  • To have the permission Can create extranet folders
  • The folder whose extranet has to be created must not be protected (see Protect sensitive file/folder)

Create a permament access

Beyond the one-time link sharing of a file/foler, it is also possible to grant a permanent access to a folder to identified users.

People who get a permanent access are identified through their email address and have to choose a password so that they can authenticate to access the selected folder. In this way Lena can record these users actions (download/upload of files).

To create a permanent access, start by selecting a folder then right click → Extranet access:

A windows shows up to manage the extranet accesses to this folder:


  1. URL of the extranet access
  2. list of mail addresses having already access to the extranet
  3. entry field to add an email address

To grant access to someone, type in his/her email address (press Tab/Enter or click outside the entry field to validate).

The email is then added to the access list .


Extranet access is created in read only mode by default, activate modification access if required .

Do not forget to save the changes by clicking on Save room.