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 +====== Prerequisites ======
 +  * To have the permission ''​Share files''​
-Beside giving you the permission to share documents with external users [[sharing|downloading files hosted on Lena]], it is also possible for external users to directly drop documents on Lena via simple web browser.+====== Create ​file drop link ======
-To do so you have to grant them editing ​access to the folder you wish they add the documents into. Right click on the given folder and select ''​Share''​ -> ''​Customize a link''​ :+Besides being able to [[sharing|download files stored in Lena]], people outside your organization can also drop documents in Lena using a web browser. 
 +It requires to give them a "​modification ​access" ​to the folder ​in which you want the files to be dropped. Right click on the given folder and select ''​Share''​ -> ''​Configure ​link'':​
 {{ ctx_menu_share.png?​500 }} {{ ctx_menu_share.png?​500 }}
-A window to define the link parameters will then openActivate then the option ​''​Modifications allowed'' ​and finish by clicking ​on ''​Generate link''​ :+\\  
 +A window ​shows up to define the sharing settingsYou need to enable ​the ''​Modifications allowed'' ​option then click on ''​Generate link'':​
 {{ file_drop.png?​500 }} {{ file_drop.png?​500 }}
-The created link can then be used by external user on a web browser ​to drop files directly on Lena. +Any external user can use this link to [[download#​filefolders_drop|drop files with a web browser]].