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 +====== Prerequisites ======
 +To have the ''​Full administrative privileges''​ permission.
 +===== View global activity =====
 +It is possible to view globally all the actions affecting an organization files. Start by clicking on Lena's icon in the taskbar an then click on {{fa>​bar-chart}}:​
 +{{ activity.gif }}
 +The global activity view shows up:
 +{{ global_activity.png }}
 +  - An activities visualization graph by activity type (link downloads, file modifications,​ file openings, data leaks attempts, login events, web accesses and other security events.
 +  - A map showing activities locations.
 +  - Fields to filter activities by date, activity types, users or locations.
 +  - A detailed list of activities (when, who, what). It is possible to get the full path of a file by hovering on it and other additional information such as the program used or the source IP address by clicking on the corresponding line.