Lena is a cloud based service that manages backup, sharing and protection of your company's data. All your files are actually hosted on servers and accessible to every Lena user based upon its access rights.

Lena is easily accessible through your file explorer, as any drive:

To not take too much space on your computer, files stored in Lena are only downloaded on your computer when you really need them. Once downloaded, they are kept on your computer to not having to download them again the next time you use them.


You can make sure that specific folders are always available on your computer in order be able to work on them even when you are offline. (see Offline access).

Likewise, a newly created or a modified file has to be uploaded to the servers in order to be saved in the cloud and accessible to the other users.

Visual indications are added to the file icons in order to check files status at a glance:

Not synchronized
Availale offline

Icons can also inform you on the authorizations associated to a file/folder; whether it is in read only mode, a temporary file or a restricted access file.

File in read only mode
Temporary file or Access not granted

There is also an icon to identify files for which a conflict exists, which means that modifications you have made are conflicting with the ones made by another user to the same file.


File for which a conflict exists