If you have a Windows Server with an Active Directory on your local network, you can install the LES (Lena Enterprise Server) on it in order to delegate users' authentication to the Active Directory and synchronize local folders with Lena Drives (that enables you to quickly import data in Lena and keep a local copy of files stored in Lena afterwards).


  • Windows Server 2008 or superior
  • A user account with administrative privileges


Download the installer ( and launch the installation.

Client-side configuration

To configure LES, click on the Enterprise Server icon in the side-left menu :

Then type in the server address on which you have installed LES .

If the connection to the LES server succeeds, you will be presented a list of addresses at which LES can be reached and choose to activate or not the authentication against the Active Directory :


You should define only one connection address to the LES server.

Finalize the configuration by clicking on Finish setup.


LES has to be reachable on TCP ports 4154 and 4155. The installer will try to automatically configure the Windows firewall. Here is what to in case it does not work (if you use another firewall please refer to the corresponding documentation).

Open the Windows firewall configuration then right click on Inbound RulesNew Rule in the left section of the management console:

Choose a Port rule type:

Make sure you have selected the TCP protocol and specified the 4154 and 4155 ports numbers:

Then make sure to allow connections:

And then you can modify the profiles to which this rule applies and give it a name.