• To have the ownership of the file/folder.
  • OR to be a file/folder's manager.

Access rights management

Start by placing your pointer on the selected file/folder, right click and select Manage access :

The current state of access rights is then displayed:


  1. The Direction group has all the rights on this folder and the Commercial group has read access because of rules defined on the parent folder.
  2. There are no specific access rules defined for this file.
  3. The Add a rule option is available because the authenticated user owns the folder or has management rights.
  4. For the Assign a folder category option, see Access rights matrix.

You can define new access rules by choosing Add a rule. Start to type the user ou group's name you are looking for in the input box and auto-completion will show you the corresponding results (Enter to validate).

Choose the access right you want to grant to the user/ group of users (for more details on the existing access rights see How access rights work).

The rule is now added :

An important option will then appear, Also apply rules of parent directory :

  • It is disabled by default and delete any access rule inherited for higher level folders.
  • If it is enabled, rules inherited from higher level folders will be kept. Here, the rules related to the Direction and Commercial groups will remain in use.

In this case, it is possible for rules explicitly defined on a file/folder to “overwrite” rules inherited from higher level folders. Here with our example, we can give edit rights to the Commercial group which will overwrite the read rights inherited from the parent folder:

The other features that can be used from this screen are:

  1. Delete an existing rule by clicking on the icon on its left side.
  2. Prevent the modification (creation/deletion/renaming) of direct sub-folders/files (but not beyond).

Do not forget to save the modifications you made by clicking on the Save button.

Verify access right granted to a user

You can check the actual access rights granted to a user by seeing the file tree as he would see it himself.

Start by clicking on the Lena icon in the taskbar then click on the Manage icon:

In the drive screen that opens by default, select the drive in which you need to check a user's access rights (by clicking on the drive name).

In the left panel (which shows your rights), right click on the folder from which you need to check the rights and select View as of user…. You have to be owner/manager of this folder to access this feature (being owner/manager of the folder is marked by the presence of a lightning next the folder icon ).

Start to type the name of the user you are looking for in the window that shows up, auto-completion lists the corresponding users as you type (Enter to validate).

A new panel then appears on the right side, it shows the file tree as the user you chose would see it.