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-Lena also gives you the opportunity ​to create a personal folder, ​meaning ​a folder ​restricted to your own usage (other users cannot even see the folder in the file tree).+Lena can be used to create ​yourself ​a personal folder, ​i.e. a folder your user is the only one who can access it (other users cannot even see the folder in the file tree).
-To such an end you need: +To do that, you need: 
-  * To be the only owner of the folder. ​The case not being, ask the other owners to designate ​you as the only owner (cf. [[set_ownership|Designate a file/​folder'​s owner]]). +  * To be the only owner of the folder. ​If not, ask one of the current ​owners to set you as the unique ​owner of this folder ​(cf. [[set_ownership|File/​folder'​s owner]]). 
-  * Grant yourself the "Can do everything" ​rights ​on this folder and to give none to other users (cf. [[manage_access_rights|Access ​rights ​management for users/​groups over files/​folders]]).+  * Grant yourself the full rights ("Can do everything"​on this folder and give none to any other user/​group ​(cf. [[manage_access_rights|Manage access ​rights]]).