• To have the permission Drives administrator

Restore a drive to a previous date

Under certain circumstances (ransomware, accidental deletion of huge number of files) it can be useful to restore a drive to a previous date, thus cancelling all the changes made after this date.


Changes are cancelled on the whole drive and are not reversible. To restore files individually, cf. File's history and Restore a deleted file.

Start by clicking on Lena's icon in your task bar and then click on :

Then click on the drives management icon in the left-side menu then right click on a drive → Reset drive to a previous date :

Chose the date and time to which the drive should be restored to in the window appearing on your screen. A list of all the changes resulting from the rollback will then be shown . Click on Reset drive to continue.

Since the resulting changes are not reversible, you will be asked to type a confirmation message in the next window (validate by clicking on Okay ).