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  • Have the permission “Drives administrator”

====== Restauration d'un drive à une date antérieure ====== Restore a drive to a prior date

Under certain circumstances (ransom ware, accidental deletion of folders), Lena gives you the opportunity to restore your drive to a prior date, cancelling thus all the made changes since that date.


All the changes will be cancelled and will be irreversible. To restore files individually, cf. File history and Restore a deleted file.

Start by clicking on the icon on your task bar and then click on Manage :

Then click on the drives management icon in the left side menu ① then right click on → Reset drive to a previous date ② :

Chose the date and hour ① to which the drive should be restored to in the window appearing on your screen. A result list of all the changes occurring in pair with the “restoration” will then be shown ②. Click on Reset drive to continue the operation.

Since the effects of this operation are irreversible, you will be asked to write a confirmation message in the following window ① (validate by pressing on “Okay” ②).