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 ====== Prerequisites ====== ====== Prerequisites ======
-  * Have the permission ​"Drives administrator"+  * To have the permission ​''​Drives administrator''​
-====== ​Restauration d'​un ​drive à une date antérieure ​====== ​Restore a drive to a prior date+====== ​Restore a drive to a previous ​date ======
-Under certain circumstances (ransom ware, accidental deletion of folders), Lena gives you the opportunity ​to restore ​your drive to a prior date, cancelling ​thus all the made changes ​since that date.+Under certain circumstances (ransomware, accidental deletion of huge number of filesit can be useful ​to restore ​drive to a previous ​date, thus cancelling ​all the changes ​made after this date.
 <callout type="​warning"​ title="​Warning"​ icon="​true">​ <callout type="​warning"​ title="​Warning"​ icon="​true">​
-All the changes will be cancelled and will be irreversible. To restore files individually,​ cf. [[versioning|File history]] and [[activity#​restaurer_un_fichier_supprime|Restore a deleted file]].+Changes are cancelled ​on the whole drive and are not reversible. To restore files individually,​ cf. [[versioning|File'​s ​history]] and [[activity#​restaurer_un_fichier_supprime|Restore a deleted file]].
 </​callout> ​ </​callout> ​
-Start by clicking on the icon on your task bar and then click on ''​Manage'' ​:+\\  
 +Start by clicking on Lena'​s ​icon in your task bar and then click on {{fa>​cogs}}:
 {{ manage.gif }} {{ manage.gif }}
-Then click on the drives management icon in the left side menu ① then right click on -> ''​Reset drive to a previous date'' ​② :+\\  
 +Then click on the drives management icon in the left-side menu (1) then right click on a drive -> ''​Reset drive to a previous date'' ​(2) :
 {{ reset_drive.png?​600 }} {{ reset_drive.png?​600 }}
-Chose the date and hour ① to which the drive should be restored to in the window appearing on your screen. A result ​list of all the changes ​occurring in pair with the "​restoration" ​will then be shown . Click on ''​{{fa>​trash}} Reset drive''​ to continue ​the operation+\\  
 +Chose the date and time (1) to which the drive should be restored to in the window appearing on your screen. A list of all the changes ​resulting from the rollback ​will then be shown (2). Click on ''​{{fa>​trash}} Reset drive''​ to continue. ​
 {{ reset_drive_changes.png?​600 }} {{ reset_drive_changes.png?​600 }}
-Since the effects of this operation ​are irreversible, you will be asked to write a confirmation message in the following ​window ​① (validate by pressing ​on "Okay" ②).+\\  
 +Since the resulting changes ​are not reversible, you will be asked to type a confirmation message in the next window ​(1) (validate by clicking ​on ''​Okay''​ (2)).
 {{ reset_drive_confirmation.png?​300 }} {{ reset_drive_confirmation.png?​300 }}