Simple search

Lena offers a powerful search engine capable of searching instantly through all of your files and even in the content of the files itself 1).

In order to use it, click on the Lena icon in your taskbar and start to type what you are looking for (the pointer is automatically positioned in the search box). Results will appear instantly and will be updated as you type.

In the result list that shows up, the matching terms will be highlighted in green (whether in the file name or in the content itself ) and the location of the file will be indicated at the bottom right of every result. Click on a result to open the file.

Right clicking on the result will give you more options:

  • Open containing folder
  • View as of : view the file as it was at a prior date
  • Show settings : manage access to this file (see Manage access rights).

Advanced search

Advanced filters can be applied on search results, before of after having typed the keywords:

Filters can be applied on:

  • the filetype:
  • the last editor of a file:
  • the last modification datetime of a file:
  • the file location:
for the full list see here