• Have ownership over the give file/folder

Managing file/folder managers

Start off by placing your pointer on the file/folder you would like to manage, right click and select Manage Access :

A managing screen will then open showing you to current state:

  • The users Olivier and Sylvain are the folder's managers because they are managers of the root of the drive itself (because of Tests directory rules). They cannot be deleted directly but explicitly defining a new manager for the folder will remove them from the managers list (see below).
  • The logged in user is one of the owner and can thus change them managers of this folder (Define a manager).


Without any explicitly defined manager, a file/folder inherits from its parent folder's managers. As for the concept of ownership, explicitly defining a manager stops the inheritance (the default managers are then deleted).

By clicking on Define a manager, the following input box will open. Start to type the user's name you are searching for and auto-completion will propose the corresponding users (press Enter to validate).

The manager list will be updated (note that Olivier and Sylvain are no longer managers of this folder, see above).

Do not forget to save your changes to apply the modifications.