• To be the owner of the file/folder. 1)

Managing the ownership of a file/folder

Place your pointer on the file/folder, right click and select Manage access:

Two possibilities can then occur:

  1. you are explicitly the owner of the file/folder;
  2. OR you are the owner of a higher level folder and ownership of the latter is propagated to this folder (see How access rights work).


Be aware that in the second case, explicitly defining a new owner for this file/folder will overwrite any other rule coming from higher-level folders and thus your ownership of this file/folder (you must explicitly add add yourself as owner if you want to keep ownership).

By clicking on Set a new owner, you can add a new owner by typing his name in the search bar and auto-completion will list all the corresponding users (Enter to validate):

To delete a user's ownership click on the remove icon underneath its name:

Do not forget to save the changes you made by clicking on “Save” :

The default owner(s) is the one of the drive in which the file/folder is created