• To have the permission Share files

Share files and folders

With Lena you can easily share your file and folders — no matter their size — with people outside your organization via an URL. People who received the link can then easily download the file/folder using a web browser.

Quick sharing in one click is available for those in a rush, and a more thorough menu lets you configure carefully the sharing settings.

Quick sharing

To quickly obtain a link for a file/folder, place your pointer on the file/folder, right click and select ShareQuick Create Link :

A notification will then appears on your desktop to confirm the creation of the link (it will be valid for 1 month).

The link is automatically copied to your clipboard, you just have to past it (in an email for instance).

Advanced sharing

To define more precisely sharing settings place your pointer on the file/folder to share, right click on it and select ShareCustomize a link :

A new window to define the sharing settings shows up:


  1. Expiration date choice for the link
  2. Downloads threshold (once the threshold is reached the file will no longer be downloadable)
  3. Share as of current state: if this options is enabled the shared file will stay as it was at the moment the link was created, even if further modifications are made. Disable this option if you want the shared file to always be up to date.
  4. Limit the downloads to specific countries (based on source IP address).

NB : for the Modifications allowed option, see File drop.

Click on Generate link to finalize the link creation.

A confirmation window with the link (in yellow) shows up. You can copy the link by clicking on the button on the right of the link or at the bottom of the window . The QR code can be used to open the link/folder in the mobile application by scanning it.