• To have the permission Full administrative privileges
  • To have installed and configured LES (see LES installation

Delegation of authentication configuration

To configure the delegation of authentication to an Active Directory, start by clicking on Lena's icon in the task bar then click on :

Then clikc on the Account Settings icon in the side-left menu, the following options are then available:

  • Enable/disable the delegation of authentication
  • Enable/disable the automatic creation of users: it enables Lena to automatically create a user authenticated buy the Active Directory who does not exist yet in Lena.
  • Authorize email/password authentication for regular users: it enables regular users to login with an email/password even if the delegation of authentication is enabled (they can thus login outside the organization network).
  • Authoriez email/passwod authentication for admins: likewise but for admin users.


By default, organizations which use the delegation of authentication cannot authenticate their users outside of the organization where the Active Directory is not reachable (unless configured otherwise, see here-above).

It is nonetheless possible to authorize specific users to authenticate with an email and a password. It requires to define an email address for these users and to give them the permission Can use login/password to bypass SSO (see. Manage users and groups):